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Let gay males give blood Petition, hosted at PetitionOnline

but not so many gay men who

.comGay males might have enhanced their tribes ability to respond to danger quickly. ... Gay males, being less interested in war than other males, do not conflict with

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...Life Enhancement Counseling With HIV-Infected Hispanic Gay Males Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences May 1990 12: 177-195, doi:10.1177/07399863900122007. Abstract


...Reversing a decades-long decline, the incidence of gonorrhea among gay males has begun to rise sharply, a sign of spreading unsafe sexual practices that may presage ..

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.A long-standing regulation held by the Food and Drug Administration that prohibits sexually active gay males from donating their marrow impacts the case of a ...Washington, Nov 30 (IANS) A rare parasitic disease, normally transmitted by contaminated water, has been shown to be transmitted by sex between HIV-positive men.

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... behaviors, levels of traumatic stress, and levels of sexual risk behaviors among HIV negative gay males; and describe the associations among aspects of AIDS ..

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.Sign the Let gay males give blood Petition to Health CanadaGay-related immune deficiency (GRID) (sometimes informally called the gay plague or GRIDS) ... and Pneumocystis pneumonia among gay males in Southern California and .

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..Young gay males use sexual experiences to learn about being gay. ... Gay males and lesbian females need sensitive, caring and knowledgeable clinicians in whom to confide as well ...

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